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Good Practice

Art of Democracy in Euro-Med region

Good Practice Illustration

Based on the need for critical thinking among youth, the organizers of Art of Democracy in Euro-Med region set out to support young people who were set to soon be legally allowed to vote at all levels. To achieve these aims, the project organisers set out to foster awareness among their own communities regarding their rights as citizens. The project also gave participants an opportunity to compare and understand different values through intercultural dialogue with their peers.

Regarding the methodology, the project used architecture, visual arts, music, film and literature as tools of motivation. This is because art can help people to become aware of the complexities of the material and conceptual world. Furthermore, the political aspect of art is very important, as art can be used as a medium to send a message.

The participants of the project were encouraged to analyse and reflect on topics such as human rights, democracy, discrimination, equality and diversity in order to deepen their understanding of the world. This encouragement was carried out by for example Socratic dialogue and Visual Thinking Strategy, which encouraged young people to reflect on the mentioned topics and form their own point of view.

The second phase of the project included supporting young people and students in carrying out a civic action in their local communities. During this phase, the project also facilitated participants to connect with their peers in partner countries in the Euro-Mediterranean region online, in order to compare and map their needs before carrying out their actions.

The project was organized by the Alliance for Regional and Civil Initiatives.