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*VM* Schools for Dialogue: recognizing cultural and worldview diversity

Online: Zoom
Forum for Culture and Religion FOKUS (Kulttuuri- ja uskontofoorumi FOKUS ry)

Intercultural and interreligious dialogue is necessary for building equality and a feeling of belonging in society and in education. While being often rewarding, conducting such dialogues is also difficult, risky, and challenging for educators. In order to conduct successful dialogue education in schools and kindergartens, we need public attention for these needs and challenges as well as concrete tools for conducting such education. 

A virtual seminar Schools for Dialogue: recognizing cultural and worldview diversity has been organized by the Anna Lindh Foundation Finnish Network Forum for Culture and Religion FOKUS as a National Network Activity in the Framework of the Anna Lindh Foundation Virtual Marathon for Dialogue in the EuroMed.

The main objective of the seminar is to highlight the need for dialogue in educational contexts as well as summon hope for building more equal and more diversity-friendly learning environments. The event is a part of a larger campaign aiming at implementing dialogue education in kindergartens and schools through providing tools and platforms for discussion and interaction of religions, worldviews, and cultural heritage. This event will be promoting beneficial tools in basic education to enhance dialogue skills among children and young adults. 

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