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The Resource Mobilisation Digithon

A National Network Activity has been organized by the Anna Lindh Foundation Tunisian Network member SOUSSE DEMAIN in the Framework of the Anna Lindh Foundation Virtual Marathon for Dialogue in the EuroMed. 

The Resource Mobilisation Digithon is a unique and innovative event. It is the first and largest virtual meetup for funders and supporters of the cultural and creative sector. The objective of the meetup is to open spaces for dialogue and exchange information on issues of funding and sustainability of cultural and creative actions and actors. This virtual meeting is a 24-hour marathon where project funders from all over the world are invited to:

a) explain and present the support programs and funding they offer

b) discuss during panels and round tables on questions of financing cultural actions

c) during the event, 50-year-old participants will be selecting cultural and creative projects with the intercultural dialogue thematic to present their projects later to potential funders.

The Resource Mobilisation Digithon is an essential meeting because there can be no intercultural dialogue, action, or promotion if there is no point of financing and investment in the sector. The aim of the Resource Mobilisation Digithon is also to be a virtual space open to all. The interculturality par excellence which, thanks to the technology and the platform that will be used during the event, frees itself from mobility constraints (visa, means, money, etc.).

The Resource Mobilisation Digithon takes place over 24 hours non-stop on May 26, 2021. It involves more than 5 partners from different countries (Turkey, Tunisia, Austria, Ruanda, Kuwait) and more than 50 donors have already confirmed their participation (including, UNESCO, AFAC, Qattan Foundation, Shuman, HIBA Foundation, etc)

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