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*VM* Human #2

Roundtable 2
Brussels and online (Zoom)
System and Generation International Association AISBL

A series of National Network Activities has been organized by the Anna Lindh Foundation Network Member of Belgium System and Generation International Association AISBL in the Framework of the Anna Lindh Foundation Virtual Marathon for Dialogue in the EuroMed.

It is widely reported how the covid-19 pandemic has lead to an increase in intolerance and raising feelings of xenophobia among the civil society in many countries. In Belgium the situation has been severe, indeed some migrant communities, especially from Asia or even Belgians with Asian roots reported increased racism against them, as well as increased prejudices, xenophobia, episodes of discrimination, and violence. Moreover, even other migrant communities and minorities have experienced increase cases of racism due to the pandemic, becoming a real scapegoat, as is the case of the Turkish community living in Belgium.

Interviews with 10 migrants living in Belgium will be organized aimed at decreasing such phenomenon, discouraging racism, and offering a more valid and scientific-based perspective on the pandemic and its roots, and by interviewing them the awareness of their condition and of the covid-related prejudices will be raised, that they have been facing since the starting of the pandemic.

Like the first roundtable, the second roundtable will bring those interviews together. After displaying the videos, there will be a discussion through a roundtable format, under the supervision and moderation of experienced and certified intercultural mediators where the phenomenon of racism towards migrants living in Belgium will be analyzed, working to deconstruct the prejudices and building a counter-narrative to address this intercultural dialogue's challenge that undermines the trust between autochthonous and migrants.

The Roundtable will provide theoretical explanations, practical examples, and will leave space to the participants for an interactive discussion. The policy recommendations will be produced to address this intercultural challenge, to be published in a virtual dossier, that will be shared through different channels and among different actors, stakeholders, institutions, international actors. Besides inputs and recommendations, the dossier will include all the links to access the audiovisual material produced through this action, to be also displayed through the official ALF channels. This dossier will ensure the sustainability of the good results achieved, as they are meant to be used even after the usage of the grant by youth workers and educators.

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