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*VM* Debate Station #1

Online: Zoom & FB Live @ UTOPIA for Social Justice
UTOPIA Organization

Debate Station is a project of the Anna Lindh Foundation Lebanese Network UTOPIA Organization organized as a series of National Network activities in the Framework of the Anna Lindh Foundation Virtual Marathon for Dialogue.

The main objective is to increase social cohesion by increasing the interaction between the society members and empowering youth by providing an enabling opportunity to express their opinions.

Reaching a tolerant environment needs to distribute the acceptance culture among the community members and the first step toward reaching this level is to create dialogue opportunities where people can express themselves, understand each other's points of view, and develop solutions to overcome the challenges they are facing.

In this project, the doors are opened to start the interaction and the dialogue on local scales to reach a tolerant environment outlined by social cohesion and multi-perspective.

The project activity is to set up virtual debate sessions on various topics related to local concerns targeting over 1000 people. The youth debaters will be coming from different backgrounds, and the session will take place at Utopia's debate station.

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