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Building bridges between youth in the digital era:Pioneering Virtual Exchange

Erasums + Virtual Exchange
Erasmus +

The aim of this “FunkyFriday” event is to connect young people, Virtual Exchange practitioners, youth and education stakeholders and policy-makers–in an offline and online dialogue at TownHall Europe. The potential of technology-enabled intercultural learning will be explored: 

  • How can young people make use of their global connectivity to collaboratively address concerns and challenges?
  • How should technology be harnessed to shape real human connection?
  • What could be the unique contribution of tools like Virtual Exchange for empowering youth to be agents of change?
  • What kind of impact and benefits can young people get out of it?
  • How can virtual learning complement physical mobility?
  • What potential does Virtual Exchange hold to expand the reach and scope of the future Erasmus?
  • How can policy actors facilitate the potential of tools like Virtual Exchange?
  • How can youth actively contribute to these policy discussions?
  • What are some of the limitations and challenges of such digitally-enabled education programmes?

The event will offer a collaborative platform for exchange between participants to reflect on the role of Virtual Exchange as a capacity-and connection-building tool for young people. A combination of youth voices, policy reflections, and testimonies from Virtual Exchange alumni, facilitators and practitioners will pave the way for a rich discussion among the participants.