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ALF Digital Game on Intercultural Citizenship Education in the EuroMed region

Anna Lindh Foundation
ALF New Digital Game

Launched on 19 October 2021, the ALF produced the first Digital Game on Intercultural Citizenship Education in the EuroMed region.

The goal of the game is for the players to learn and discuss about identities, learn about cultural diversity in the EuroMed region and plan activities in their multicultural communities.

The players take on the roles of social media influencers who are learning about intercultural citizenship together with their followers. This allows the players to get to know interculturalism in a context familiar to them in their everyday lives.

This game is complementing the Anna Lindh Education Handbook – Intercultural Citizenship Education in the Euro-Mediterranean Region and the activities in the Handbook.

The game consists of 11 exercises that the player must complete in a specific order.

We encourage to play the game in small teams with an educator, however it can be played individually as well. The game lasts approximately 60 minutes and ends when all the exercises are completed. If the educator wants the players to gain a deeper understanding of the themes in the game, they can offer additional resources for the players to familiarize themselves with the themes. In this case the game could last longer if the instructors want the players to spend more time thinking each exercise.

The game is intended for players aged 15 years and above.

To access the Game to test it or play it individually please follow the below path: 

1. Go to the address and click ”Player” 

2. Enter the PIN - code ”ALF21” and choose a team name. 

3. Click ”Start Game”

To play in a small group an educator needs first to download the game following the below steps and then to send the specific generated link to the group of learners: 

1. Go to the adress:

2. Choose “Download sponsored games”

3. Scroll down till you see “search the library” and in the search field, insert activation code “ALF” 

To download the game instructions please click here (

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