Zavod Povod was elected by members in 2011 to be Head of the Network in Slovenia and was re-elected in 2015 and in 2020.

Povod is an institution and NGO working on international development and a global education field with a particular focus on art, culture, cultural management, mobility, intercultural dialogue, migration and youth, as well as the development of the civil society sector in general and advocating civil society toward the public and authorities.

The Anna Lindh Foundation national network in Slovenia consists of 69 organisations that mostly carry the status of Non-Governmental Organisations officially registered in Slovenia. Most of these organisations have been members over the past five years and have extensive international development cooperation experience. Therefore, their membership in the ALF network is relevant to potential international development cooperations in the EuroMed region. Some of these organisations are also registered as social enterprises. In Slovenia, a Non-Governmental Organisation may also carry the social enterprise status. A small percentage of member organisations in ALF Slovenia are also humanitarian organisations. There is also a presence of diaspora organisations presenting continents like African communities or ethnicities like Arabic cultural clubs. The ALF members in Slovenia come from diverse expertise. 

Povod (Head of the Network)

Čučkova ulica 3, 2250 Ptuj
2250 Ptuj