The Black Sea University Foundation was appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and later re-confirmed by members at the end of Step 5 to be the Head of the Romanian Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation.

The activity of the Black Sea University Foundation tries to respond to urgent needs of the region - with a focus on peace strengthening, conflict prevention, governance improvement and the restructuring of economies.

Its objective is to strengthen the academic community and civil society primarily in the Black Sea zone: the Foundation has created the National Center for Sustainable Development, the Conflict Prevention Studies Center as well as the Black Sea University Network.

The members are interested in subjects of special interest for the region such as Sustainable Development, Economic Sciences and Management, Ecology and environmental protection, Advanced Sciences – Applied Sciences, International Relations, Conflict Prevention and Negotiations, Crisis and Risk Study, Innovative Higher Education, Human rights and democracy, tolerance and the capacity to work in joint projects, good neighborliness and regional partnership, poverty alleviation, gender equity, identifying values and models of minorities and promoting intercultural dialogue.

Black Sea University Foundation – Head of Network

str. Romeo Popescu
013136 Bucharest

Governance Structure