Anna Lindh Network Netherlands


Mission and vision

The mission of the Anna Lindh Network in the Netherlands is to support and connect civil society organisations and representatives in the Netherlands involved in intercultural dialogue and promoting mutual understanding between communities in the Euro-Mediterranean region. We believe that working together in this network and sharing experiences and resources will contribute to our common goal of building an inclusive and resilient EuroMediterranean civil society.


Network members and coordinator

The Anna Lindh Foundation Network in the Netherlands consists of over 60 civil society organisations. Their main fields of interest and activities are International cultural relations, Youth, Arts, Democracy and Human Rights. Since summer 2023, the Greater Middle East Platform has the role of Head of Network.



In 2023 and 2024, the main task is to revitalise the network and together identify and develop thematic priorities for the coming years. To this end, various activities will be organised, such as providing information via a newsletter and LinkedIn group, regular physical network meetings, social events and possibly setting up small-scale projects or capacity building activities.

Het Grote Midden Oosten Platform

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