The Latvian Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation works across the fields of culture, media, education and youth. The Network is coordinated by the Agency for International Programmes for Youth, which was appointed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs since ALF inception and since then has been regularly re-elected by members.

Agency has the objective to promote youth activity and mobility in voluntary youth work, youth non-formal education and youth information programs and projects, and to promote youth non-formal education in connection with lifelong education. It coordinates the implementation of the EU non-formal education program "Erasmus+" (youth field) in Latvia and offers possibility for youth to write and carry out projects. Agency is spreading information about opportunities for youth in Europe and enables exchange of experience.

There is great diversity of different activities organized by ALF Latvian Network which let Latvian society to face and experience intercultural dialogue within EuroMed region; moreover most of the activities are focusing on potential future cooperation in the field of culture, media, youth and education.

Women's NGOs Cooperation Network

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