Rete Italiana per il Dialogo Euromediterraneo (R.I.D.E – A.P.S.) Rome, Italy (24, Tamassia  Rome, 00167) 

Established in Rome in June 2017, and registered at the National Revenue Agency in August 2017, the Italian Network for the Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue (RIDE-APS), promotes dialogue among Euro-Mediterranean collective identities, enhancing their direct communication, deep understanding, and mutual respect.

Since its appointment by the Italian Foreign Ministry, as the Head of the Anna Lindh Network, the RIDE-APS has been working to foster the value of the Euro-Mediterranean, African and Middle Eastern national, religious, cultural and social collective identities, encouraging closer interaction and respect for fundamental human rights and equality between genders, while highlighting shared interests. In particular, the RIDE-APS encourages multidisciplinary research ("Think Tank of the think tanks") and operative cooperation in three main fields: 1. Religious identities, especially the inclusion of immigrant diasporas; 2. Relationship between identity and environment in the Mediterranean area, including renewable energy and water; 3. Identitary cuisine and food security, with special attention to the relationship between nutrition and wellness, and organic agriculture.

Rete Italiana per il Dialogo Euromediterraneo (R.I.D.E – A.P.S.)

26, Ficulnea street
00137 Rome RM