The Head of the Anna Lindh National Network in Estonia is the Estonian School of Diplomacy (ESD), which was elected by members in 2016.

The Estonian School of Diplomacy (ESD,  is a foundation/non-profit institution with an objective to promote theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of international relations, European integration, diplomacy and public administration reform. In this framework ESD organizes:

•scholarship programs
•management of international consultancy/training projects
•advanced tailor-made training courses
•scientific research and development

Over the years ESD has carried out several projects focusing on sharing Estonia’s reform experience and integration into the EU and NATO, foreign service formation, international relations, cooperation and diplomacy, international negotiations, state and democracy building, public administration reform. A number of tailor-made training projects have been launched for diplomats and civil servants from Afghanistan, Central Asia, Kosovo, Iraq, and Palestine.

Estonian School of Diplomacy (ESD)

Tõnismägi 2
10122 Tallinn