The Croatian Network for Cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean (the Croatian ALF National Network) promotes dialogue, knowledge and diversity among the cultures of the Euro-Mediterranean region by developing tolerance and openness towards new knowledge, religions, cultures and values. The Croatian Network also advocates for the promotion and protection of human rights and basic freedoms.

The National Foundation for the Development of Civil Society (NFDCS) assumes the role of coordinator of the Croatian Network (HoN) since January 2009 in accordance with the proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration.

Being a grant-giving organisation itself, the HoN is continuously providing the Network members with all relevant information on the funding opportunities from the national, but also foreign sources (besides ALF grant schemes, EU and Norwegian funds, etc.).

One of the main achievements of the network is the “Cooperation on the Euro-Med Programme” established by the Network coordinator in the previous period. Through this programme, the HoN continuously offers co-financing of the projects or programmes that received grants by the ALF and involved the Croatian Network members.

Regarding the general support mechanisms/services for the CSOs, the HoN runs a network of regional supporting organisations, providing Croatian CSOs with free of charge information, counselling and assistance services.

The applied communication strategy helps reaching positive perception in the general public about the multiculturalism, diversity and tolerance, as well as create an attitude that is welcoming and nurishing - in this way, all of the activities by HoN and the Network members affect the positive perception, and that will continue to be one of the most important activities of the whole Croatian ALF Network in the future as well.

National Foundation for Civil Society Development

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