ALF Bulgarian Network

The Bulgarian National Network has been part of the Anna Lindh Foundation since January 2007. It unites 118 members across the country which have rich and diverse expertise in all sectors of development. The vison of the Bulgarian Network is to build a strong civil society in Bulgaria that can address the contemporary socio-cultural, economic and political development challenges faced by the Republic of Bulgaria and the Euro-Med region. Its mission is to support the community development through leading intercultural dialogue initiatives based on the principles of respect, tolerance, acceptance, equality and mutual understanding.  

The Bulgarian Network is very geographically diverse and has managed to encompass organisations from all the corners in the country, from big industrial cities to remote mountain or rural towns and villages. Its members are representatives of the NGO sector, schools and universities, research institutions, museums and libraries, and municipalities. The Bulgarian Network will continue to empower civil society representatives to participate actively in decision-making processes in all social and political levels. The Bulgarian Head of Network is the Association International Initiatives for Cooperation.

Association International Initiatives for Cooperation

Ekzarh Yosif Str. Razlog 2760 . P.O. Box 37
2760 Bulgaria

00359 898 522 414