On June 23, 2012  an associative Head of Network has been elected by members: the "Association Etoile culturelle d'Akbou". This organization is responsible for the coordination and the provision of services to the members, as well as, the organisation of the Network Common Action.

The objectives of the Association Etoile culturelle d'Akbou include the organization, participation, promotion of activities for youth development. Thanks to these practices, it ensures the inclusion of vulnerable young people, to support the reflection of how to live together and to promote the Amazigh culture, in particular to develop solidarity and altruism. L'Etoile is implementing cultural projects and is active in various fields related to health, environment, education, training, youth mobility, citizenship and democracy. It works with several associative and institutional partners and acts for the implementation of a better management in the domain of culture and youth.

Association National Tourath Djazairna

Centre d'Art et de la Culture, Bastion 23 , Alger – Algérie
16000 Alger

00213 774108899