The winners of the IPC awards for contribution to humanism, human rights and freedom have been announced


The winners of the IPC awards for contribution to humanism, human rights and freedom have been announced


President of the International Peace Center (IPC) Ibrahim Spahić announced that, traditionally on the occasion of Human Rights Day, this year's IPC Prize is awarded for the contribution of individuals and communities to humanism, human rights and freedom, peace and art in the country and the world, it was announced by the IPC- a.


This year's prize winners (Personalities) are UN Secretary Atonio Guterres for his contribution to public responsibility for the observance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, EFA Secretary General for the Affirmation of European Values Kathrin Deventer and artists who listen to the sounds/messages of the Earth Aisha and Leif Boman.


The institutions that received the award are the Sarajevo Philharmonic for the mission of music of peace, the Palermo Convention for rights in the Mediterranean and commitment to peace, freedom, health, nature and the fight for conflict prevention and youth, and Amnesty International for its contribution to the fight for human rights and freedoms.


Spahić reminded that thirty years ago the First UN Conference on Human Rights and Freedoms was held in Vienna in 1993, during the siege of Sarajevo and only one year after the genocide in Rwanda in 1994 and the year after that in Srebrenica. The world was then, as now, faced with the challenges of unfinished world wars and decolonization, according to the statement.


Spahić stated that the world is changing rapidly, and old/new conflicts and wars are being waged without pause according to the "divide and conquer" matrix. He believes that humanity is further and further away from its own principles from the UN Charter and the Declaration on Human Rights.


He stated that it is necessary to affirm, in every way, the contribution of every person and community that stands publicly in defense of human rights and freedoms and the dignity of life and opposes war, hatred and divisions on all grounds.


The world is burdened with diseases, problems of hunger and poverty, climate change, loss of natural balance and biodiversity, and is looking for a way out and exploring the bowels of the earth and oceans and the cosmos. Despite everything that is seen and felt day after day, the inexorable war mechanism and system of connecting vessels that connects the interests of the "powerful" does not stop anywhere because it is not "they and their children" who live in humanitarian breaks and corridors and "protected zones" but some other people and their children. Courage and wisdom is in building peace and defending freedom and is greater than any terror and violence - said Spahić.