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Welcommon Hostel

Our innovative and inclusive hostel, the Welcommon Hostel, is on the honorary shortlist for the EXTRAORDINARY HOSCARs award 2023 for "The Community Champion". Our hostel has been nominated for a HOSCARs award.

The WELCOMMON Hostel is an innovative hostel in Athens - open to all different kinds of travelers (tourists, volunteers, refugees, migrants, Erasmus, nomads) with social and green impact, as well as a center for #sustainabletourism#socialinnovation and #greeneconomy#climateaction, training on #greenjobs, non-formal #education4all#empowerment, and #socialinclusion.

The hostel was created in 2018 and is run by the social cooperative #AnemosAnaneosis / Wind of Renewal. The WELCOMMON Hostel highlights the positive impact that cooperatives and social enterprises have on communities, revitalizing neighborhoods, making bridges between communities, social groups, newcomers and local people. Our model is based on the idea of “empowerment through creating an inclusive community”. Welcommon Hostel is a #specialplace#people#values.

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Voting kickstarted and remains open until Friday, March 10th!

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