"Skuhna" a social enterprise for an intercultural society in Ljubljana, Slovenia

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In 2012, Skuhna, a current member of the Anna Lindh Foundation in Slovenia, started their journey as a restaurant and a social enterprise led by migrants who live in Ljubljana to enhance open and intercultural societies through culinary arts, arts and cultural workshops.

Skuhna has always been located on Trubarjeva street in Ljubljana, which is a well-known street with its diversity. Sadly, due to gentrification and as tenants  Skuhna left Trubarjeva street in January 2023 with the increase in renting prices with the change of the owner. Skuhna had its two final events on 20 and 23 of January 2023; with great food and music workshops, Skuhna laid its intercultural and artistic legacy on Trubarjeva street in Ljubljana to move forward. 

Stay tuned and follow Skuhna's Facebook page and website to know more about their activities and a new location in the future. 

Skuhna often enriched our meetings with its rich and intercultural culinary.