PEACE FESTIVAL 2024 is open!

peace festival vitez

PEACE FESTIVAL 2024 is open!

The Festival began with welcoming speeches from Velma Šarić and Tatjana Milovanović (The Post-Conflict Research Center (PCRC)), the Deputy Ambassador of Slovak Embassy in BiH, Patrik Turosik (Slovenské veľvyslanectvo v Bosne a Hercegovine / Ambasada Slovačke u BiH), and Glorija Alić (OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina).


The first day of our #PEACEFest24 is dedicated to rights of minorities, specifically the #Roma population with "On the Margins," a multimedia-educational program developed by the #PCRCBiH in partnership with the OSCE Mission to BiH.


#PCRCBiH, through the Anna Lindh Foundation - Bosnia & Herzegovina, is collaborating with Gradsko kazalište mladih Vitez for the third consecutive year.


Participants of #PEACEFest24 enjoyed last night's performance of "I'm Invisible," which explores and questions the relationship between the individual and the mass.


The individual portrays victims of abduction, violence, media lynching, emotional manipulation, and bureaucratic inertia, where their "hands are tied." In this case, the individual is powerless to fight against the ruthless society as a whole. On the other hand, society, due to its own superiority, oppresses, humiliates, belittles, ignores, intimidates, discourages, and discredits the individual, or the victim.


The executive producer of the play is Ivan Sajević, and graphic design is by Borislav Sučić.


#MIRFest #youth #Vitez Photo: Mitar Simikić


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