New Guide for the Evaluation of Local Cultural Policies

Interarts new guide for the evaluation of local cultural policies

More than a decade after the publication of the first Guide for the evaluation of local cultural policies (2009), the New updated guide has been released this year as an outcome of the collaboration between the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) and the Ministry of Culture and Sport.

As explained during the three presentation seminars recently held in Madrid, Jerez and Barcelona, the New Guide includes an updated reference framework inspired by the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the New European Agenda for Culture set by the European Commission, in order to simplify the evaluation of local cultural policies, “fully exploit the potential of culture [and] help build a more inclusive and fairer Union, supporting innovation, creativity and sustainable growth and jobs” (p.13).

As Eduard Miralles, former president of the Board of Interarts, said, the Guide is the result of a cooperative process and is a "toolkit" for cultural managers. Based on the idea that culture and creativity develop in a multidimensional context with complex production and consumption processes, the New Guide identifies 173 basic indicators to support the evaluation of local cultural policies, articulated on the basis of concepts and subjects such as cultural rights, the economy and the environment.

Interarts has collaborated in the presentation of this new reference document for local, national, and international public administrations in the belief that it is a fundamental tool for the evaluation of cultural policies at the service of the sector and society.