The New Generation with History


On the 24th of June, the CCCV - Cape Verde Cultural Center hosted the event "A Nova Geração com Estória" (The New Generation with Story in English), in Lisbon, organized by CulturFACE.

CulturFACE is focused on Culture and Citizenship, where it uses cultural dynamics to reach the social side in a perspective of inclusion of the migrant and Roma population in the northern part of Lisbon. It is a way to promote the value and good social practices that are the added value for society.

Considering that African children's literature has been little highlighted in the socio-cultural world, CulturFACE - Cultural Association for Development organizes this event, in partnership with CCCV - Cape Verde Cultural Centre, bringing together a panel of authors of African origin, who will make known their work in this area and will share their stories with the public, promoting the counterpoint between generations through the self-knowledge of their roots, with a more accessible language and capable of reaching the younger audience of migrant communities, immigrants and beyond.

Thinking about the younger generations of migrant, immigrant and Afro-descendant communities in Portugal, CulturFACE created the project "A Nova Geração com Estória" to provide a meeting between generations through a Talk Show Story that allows the sharing of stories between fiction and reality, based on the experience of the guest speakers.

The goal was to create a space for sharing through fictionalized narratives by authors of children's literature, where they tell stories that marked their paths through orality. The guests of the project "A Nova Geração com Estória" transmitted their experiences to those present, providing coexistence between parents and children in the public space and alerting to the importance of children's literature in migrant communities.

The speakers invited for this 1st edition are Kátia Casimiro (Guinea-Bissau), Mirian de Deus (São Tomé and Príncipe), Akil de Sousa (Cape Verde) and Miguel Luís (Mozambique). It also counted with the participation of Hilarino da Luz, Cape Verdean academic, specialist in Cape Verdean literature and researcher at NOVA FCSH. The moderation was done by Paula Esteves, journalist and former presenter of children's programs at TPA (Televisão Pública de Angola).