ManifestHabitação: Exhibitions, Workshops & Conferences


The opening of the exhibition "ManifestHabitação" took place on December 9th 2023 and marks the 30th anniversary of PER (Special Relocation Program) and the 50th anniversary of the April 25th Revolution. It can be seen at Antiga Fábrica Vasco da Gama until June 30th 2024. There will also be several workshops and conferences related to this subject.

Escola de Segunda Oportunidade de Matosinhos is taking part in the gallery "Vínculos, Vidas, Emancipação, Conquistas e Comunidade" (Links, Lives, Emancipation, Achievements and Community), a space for sharing stories and memories, expectations and hopes, with the testimony of one of its young people. At the invitation of MatosinhosHabit, a group of young people, accompanied by professionals from E2OM, were in charge of the catering service at the inauguration, once again representing the school with excellent care and professionalism.

AE2O - Associação para a Educação de Segunda Oportunidade (Association for Second Chance Education) is a private non-profit organization whose general aim is to promote second chance education, working especially with vulnerable young people with low educational and professional qualifications and at risk of social exclusion. They are also members of the Anna Lindh Foundation's Portuguese Network.

Its main activity, in partnership with Matosinhos City Council and the Ministry of Education, is the promotion and management of the Matosinhos Second Chance School, a pilot project started in 2008, the only second chance school in the country and the Portuguese representative in the European network of 2nd chance schools (E2C-Europe).

The project is part of a wider range of actions linked to the various educational and social policy measures available, seeking to progressively extend its action to other areas of the Porto metropolitan area and other parts of the country interested in developing similar second-chance education actions aimed at reducing early leaving from education/training. AE2O also carries out a range of other training, exchange and experience dissemination activities and is a DGERT-accredited training organization.

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