Lithuania and Iceland: Social business is opening up new opportunities for cooperation

The group

Members of the Lithuanian Social Business Association (LiSBA) delegation had the opportunity to get acquainted with all of them when they spent several weeks visiting them and looking for new contacts.

According to Viktorija Bražiūnaitė, the head of the association, the association took part in the „Bilateral Practical Learning Mobility for the Development of Social Business Ecosystems: Lithuania and Iceland“ programme in Iceland. „Participation in this programme will provide us with long-term opportunities not only to deepen our knowledge, but also to build new partnerships and strengthen existing ones with organisations dedicated to social entrepreneurship. I am delighted with this opportunity to gain experience, improve competencies and learn from best practice,“ says Ms Bražiūnaitė.

The international programme that LiSBA representatives are participating in consists of three parts: visiting local social businesses, followed by the strengthening of personal and professional competencies and the institutional capacity of the organisation, and finally, generating joint project ideas together with a partner from Iceland.

Partner – Step by Step, the well-known Icelandic organisation

The partner for this activity is the internationally renowned Icelandic organisation Step by Step (SbS) – a small, robust and innovative adult non-formal education organisation founded in 1987. SbS is a leader in developing innovative teaching methods in the field of adult education.

„Our main strength is our long-term and productive involvement in projects, using our expertise in adult learning, equality and social inclusion. We participate in research, development and training activities at the international level. Our organisation has a strong professional network and extensive experience, and has been working with adults and social businesses (small and medium-sized enterprises, NGOs) for a decade to find the right approach to success in the ever-changing market,“ said mentor Hansina Bjarnfridur Einarsdottir, who is also a project partner and the head of SbS.