International call for volunteers

Call for Turkish and Spanish volunteers

International Initiatives for Cooperation (IIC), Bulgaria is looking for Turkish and Spanish volunteers to take part in short term volunteer project called ”Green Go!”.

The volunteers will be hosted in Bulgaria for a period of 45 days, during which they will work to do eco-farming and eco-agriculture. Through that activities the project will address the environmental and climate challenges. The practical experience will be also strengthened by raising awareness on ecological issues and making them more sensitive and concerned about what is happening on Earth due to social and economic irresponsibility of enterprises, politicians and citizens. The project will be implemented in rural areas- in  villages of Razlog Municipality (Banya and Gorno Draglishta).

Opportunity topics:

Green skills, skills development, civic engagement and responsible citizenship

Participant profile:

The volunteers should be motivated young people between 18 and 30 years old, to be concerned and interested in the topics tackled by the project, to be able to share the gained knowledge within their local community and to be ready to leave in multicultural environment but in rural areas.

Period and eligible applications: 

The volunteers should arrived in Bulgaria until 25 July and the end of the period will be 5 September 2023.

If you want to be part of this adventure send your CV to: