Increasing representation of women in STEM and countering gender stereotyping in Albania

SCI-DEV member talking during one of the STEM talks

The Member of the Anna Lindh Foundation Network in Albania, Science for Innovation and Development (SCI-DEV) is strongly advocating to increase and promote the representation of women in STEM. In the framework of the initiative “Increasing representation of women in STEM and countering gender stereotyping in Albania” they are organizing a series of STEM talks throughout Albania.

The latest one was held in Korca, and it shed light on issues related to women representation and participation in higher positions in STEM.

The conclusions drawn from these activities emphasize that participants, students, teachers and practitioners, confirm that decision-making and executive roles in STEM are often occupied by young boys/men in high positions which makes it more challenging for women to navigate these careers.

Part of the discussion focused on the invaluable role of STEM teachers in shaping new generations of thinkers and scientists, and that this role is threatened by the declining number of young people interested in pursuing a career in teaching STEM. However, participants highlighted that technology and innovation development have brought positive benefits and have intensified young girls’ and women’s participation in STEM. There is a need for more capacity building in teaching younger generations on how to effectively navigate the STEM education and career paths.


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