HER Voice, an in-contact seminar series in Ravenna

Reka SI's lecture

In the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls, Reka Si research and art institute and member of Anna Lindh Foundation in Slovenia delivered a lecture at Alma Matter stadium of the University of Bologna on “Patriarchy, Colonization and State Repression against sexuality in the Arabic-speaking region, the case of Egypt”. This lecture was part of an in-contact series seminar organised by the students of the Bologna University. On 23 rd of November, the following lecturer presented the following topics with some key messages as follow:

- Karolina Rak, from the Jagiellonian University presented the “Now is the Time” tackling patriarchal narratives through online campaigns, Lebanon as a case study.

- Pia Schlechter from the University of Oldenburg presented the topic of body shaming and difference forms of violence against women online.

- Samar Zughool from Reka Si research and Art institute presented a holistic and intersectional approach to resistance for gender equality and sexual rights by addressing the legacies of colonization, patriarchy, Islamism and state sexual repression against gender equality and sexual rights.

Reka’s Si research and presentation started with presenting the gender mainstreamed report by the United Nation women where in the period between 7 th of October to 22 of November during the bombardment of Gaza 10,000 women and children have been killed and 838,100 women and girls have been displaced from their homes. The lecturer addressed the importance of moving beyond numbers and adding to the already existing research were women, girls and other gender groups who face vulnerability are often the most affected by humanitarian crises.
Further the research addressed the legacies of colonization in the discourse of gender and sexuality and the fictious of “clash of civilization” as both tools and outcomes of orientalism. 

You may listen to three lectures by three presenters via audio here.