Green Map of Alexandria


A call to all Alexandrian environmental businesses, institutions, or youth activities

Banlastic Egypt lunched  "Green Map of Alexandria" is a guidebook that showcases the green entities in Alexandria (ex: Social enterprises, research centres, youth initiatives) that help Alexandrians become more environmentally conscious, promote environmental studies and research, and offer eco-friendly products and services

Banlastic make sure to update the guide's data because its purpose is to chronicle Alexandria's environmental scene. 

If interested fill in this form to assist us in updating the guide's data.

This form is for green intitiatives who would like to be recognized in the Green Map of Alexandria Guide, developed by Banlastic Egypt.

Eligibility criteria for being showcased in the Green Map of Alexandria Guide:

1. Be a Green Entity (Social Enterprise, Research centre, Youth Initiative).

2. Operate in Alexandria, Egypt.

3. Be Active (Have at least worked on one green project in the last 6 months in the case of green initiatives and research centres or Have been actively producing eco-friendly products and solutions in the case of social enterprises and businesses)

4. Have been operating for at least 6 Months.