Education for All Program by Sawa Association for Development in Lebanon

Sawa Association

In collaboration with Ushagram Suisse Association, SAWA Association for Development in Lebanon introduced the "Education for All" program, specifically designed for refugee children, focusing on Basic Literacy and Numeration.

The escalating levels of poverty and unemployment contribute to a growing number of children entering the workforce instead of pursuing education. In response, SAWA strategy takes an innovative approach to boost interest in non-formal education through creative methods, incorporating more effective outreach approaches. The outreach initiatives also target increased parental involvement, aiming to shift perspectives on education and encourage them to enroll their children in non-formal education programs.

To foster a supportive environment that keeps children engaged in schools or learning spaces, SAWA is dedicated to strengthening its efforts in parent engagement and ensuring continued access to non-formal education through the Basic Literacy Numeration (BLN) program. This aligns with the overarching goal of reducing the number of children not attending school or lacking access to learning opportunities. The learning modality remains entirely face-to-face.

Key activities include:

  • Recycling of plastics.
  • Agriculture.
  • Participation in the international Loving-Peace Art Competition with IWPG in South Korea, themed "Peace, Let's Be Friends".

Success stories:

  • Empowered children actively contribute to reducing and recycling plastics in their community.
  • Enhanced communication skills, with children effortlessly conversing in the English language.
  • 4 children achieved victory in the IWPG Art Competition, showcasing their artistic talents in painting and drawing centered around the theme of peace.