Analysing Includate communities

INCLUDATE (Educating for Inclusion) is an initiative developed within the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme.

The purpose of INCLUDATE is to actively support inclusion and diversity. The project's objectives and outcomes are specifically geared towards fostering the inclusion of individuals facing greater challenges, particularly migrants who experience intersectional marginalization due to a combination of ethnic discrimination and socio-economic disadvantages.

The project recognizes the necessity for capacity building to empower migrant associations to actively participate in inclusion and diversity strategies. This encompasses all stages from initiation and needs assessment to action planning and coalition building, ensuring effective implementation. Effective communication and collaboration among local municipalities, migrant residents, and migrant associations demand intercultural competencies and methods tailored to the target group, both from public policy-making bodies and migrant associations.

One of the project outcomes is the Includate E-book called “INCLUDATE COMMUNITIES: Local needs for inclusion & diversity” – The ebook shows the result of the Community Mapping, Community Reporting, and Conversations of Change activities implemented in the 5 local areas of INCLUDATE (Budapest, Gdynia, Palermo, Berlin and Copenhagen). The aim of this process and the book is to map and analyze the structure of local communities, the role of migrant groups within the local society, and the specific needs, capacities, expectations, and challenges these groups face when living in the local areas. The ebook is an interactive tool: videos, visual elements, and interactive maps will be embedded into it; it will receive the ISBN number of the German National Library.

Crossing Borders, Head of the Danish network of the ALF is a member of the consortium and an implementing partner.

Read more about Includate and explore the E-book here: