DOCC: Debate On, Change Communities


On the 6th and 7th of March 2024, Agora Aveiro, along with partner organizations CET Platform Italy, Hrvatsko Debatno Društvo, and Ungdomsfronten, convened to discuss the organization of deliberative events as part of the "DOCC: Debate On, Change Community" project.

During the meeting, they reached agreements on the process for organizing a deliberative event in Aveiro and other partner cities, as well as clarified the distinction between such events and dialogues between young people and municipal representatives. Additionally, they finalized plans for the activities scheduled for the remainder of the year and successfully mapped out future steps within the project. Drawing on their collective experience from previous projects, they anticipate amplifying their impact through new collaborations and initiatives.

Within the framework of DOCC, the objective is to develop a model for youth debate clubs that offer continuous, long-term programs for youth participation and active citizenship, employing debate and deliberation methodologies. The outcomes of these efforts will aid youth workers and organizations in effectively engaging young people of migrant backgrounds and enhancing their capacity to work with individuals with diverse needs, including those with refugee experiences or second-generation migrants. The project's outcomes will directly benefit 50 youth workers and 120 young people.

To ensure the production of high-quality results, partners will establish youth debate clubs consisting of at least 10 young people and a minimum of 3 youth workers per organization, who will collaborate on developing project materials. Their ongoing involvement will help ensure that project outcomes align with the needs of both youth workers and participants. To field-test the toolkit at deliberative events, the project plans to host 4 national-level deliberative events and 1 international online deliberative event.

The project is being implemented by the Swedish organization Ungdomsfronten, in partnership with the Croatian Debate Society from Croatia, CET Platform Italy from Italy, Agora Aveiro from Portugal, and Citizens Foundation from Iceland. The project received co-financing under Key Action 2 of the Erasmus+ program.

Agora Aveiro is a recent addition to the Portuguese Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation. Established in 2010, it is a youth association dedicated to promoting active and participatory citizenship. The organization focuses on projects that contribute to societal improvement and have the potential to foster transformation within their communities. They provide spaces where community members can exchange ideas and opinions, while fostering the development of a critical, proactive, and constructive mindset.

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