DHIAfest & DHIAsymp

DHIAfest & DHIAsymp

In the framework of the celebration of the European Week of Sport, the European Heritage Days and the International Day of Sign Languages, cultural educational institutions, public authorities as well as civil society organizations are collaborating for the implementation of the Panhellenic Festival of Inclusive Culture for the Deaf and Hearing in Action.

The actions take place between September 22 and October 2, 2023 and those who register can participate. This year's Interdisciplinary Symposium is thematically dedicated to eduvation on differentiated instruction.

The festival is under the auspices of seven ministries, serving the quality of life, promoting extroversion, enhancing tourist interest per region and highlighting our cultural heritage with experiential activities, sports and artistic.  At the same time, volunteering and green transport without emissions are promoted.

The subtitle of the festival Deaf and Hearing in Action refers more to the historicity and reference to the starting point of this initiative: it is a creation of a partnership between the deaf and the hearing. The festival concerns and refers to all our fellow citizens regardless of age, gender, identity, status and qualifications. It is based on the voluntary offer of the participants and the kind sponsorship of our supporters

Every year more than 100 organizations participate and collaborate and the driving force is voluntary groups of professionals in public and private sector concerning health, education, arts & culture, civil sociery, research and ecology.

Website: www.dhias.org