Dawaer Foundation and UNRWA: Awareness on Violence and Bullying

Dawaer Foundation

In pursuit of its goal to safeguard and empower children and youth, fostering increased social cohesion, Lebanese member, Dawaer Foundation is collaborating with the UNRWA on a pivotal project. This partnership aligns with the UNRWA's AVAC (Addressing Violence Affecting and Involving Children) initiative, aiming to raise awareness about the adverse effects of violence and bullying. The program takes a proactive stance against bullying, employing a comprehensive approach to integrate prevention strategies into schools’ work plans. It also establishes the framework for an integrated reporting system encompassing prevention, detection, referral, and follow-up.

In this context, Dawaer has developed a training program for Bullying Awareness and Prevention, in conjunction with the UNRWA. Additionally, two comprehensive guidelines—Family Guidelines and School Guidelines—have been created to strengthen the program. These guidelines strategically address the prevention of bullying and violence in specific contexts, with one tailored for schools and the other catering to the needs of families. The program is designed to benefit educational institutions and targets students, teachers, counselors, school staff, as well as parents and caregivers.

The initiative emphasizes the importance of strengthening the involvement of students' parliaments and parent-teacher associations in addressing bullying and cyberbullying, raising awareness about their negative impacts, and implementing anti-bullying strategies and activities at both the school and parental levels.