The “Crafted Pathways” project aims at promoting harmonious living together and encouraging the personal development of newcomers to Luxembourg through the establishment of interactive workshops covering the following key areas: employability, housing, empowerment and daily health. The practical information, essential resources and shared skills allow participants to adapt faster to the way of living in Luxembourg.

This project targets new arrivals, in particular third-country nationals, beneficiaries of international protection, beneficiaries of temporary protection and asylum seekers.

The four workshops are offered four times a year in French or English to groups of 15 participants maximum. They are subject to a continuous improvement process, on the one hand, to adapt the content to the needs of participants over time to maximize the added value of their learning, and on the other hand, to adjust the teaching methods and tools used.

This programme is supported by the Ministry of Family Affairs, Solidarity, Living Together, and Reception of Refugees and co-financed by the European Union. 

To participate or for more information:

Contact: - +352 621 619 362