Capacity Building Workshop Series: Introduction to Advocacy for NGOs

Introduction to Advocacy for NGOs

The Anna Lindh Foundation Cyprus Network is organising a series of capacity building workshop for network members. This will be the fourth workshop of the series and will provide an introduction to advocacy for NGOs.

In all democratic societies, civil society plays an important role in terms of advocating for better policies, practices and laws. Most NGOs have immense expertise in their area of work, but do not have the necessary skills and more often, time, for advocacy. This workshop will introduce participants to the basic steps of advocacy, empowering them to start and/or improve their advocacy actions. The workshop will be interactive and will allow participants to identify and prioritize their main advocacy goals, map the stakeholders they should reach out to and help them design an advocacy action and/or campaign.

Participants will gain:
- A solid understanding of the importance of advocacy and how this works in a local/ regional/ international level
- Basic skills that will empower them to start and/or improve their advocacy actions and/or campaigns

The workshop will be led by Eleni Karaoli and Maria Tsiarta from Civil Society Advocates.

The workshop is open to all ALF Cyprus Network Members (staff, members, and affiliated individuals - e.g. volunteers, trainers, etc. from Network members are eligible to participate).

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Deadline for registrations: 27th of May