Capacity Building Online Workshop Series: Management of an NGO and Compliance with Legal and Regulatory Framework

Capacity Building First Workshop

The Anna Lindh Foundation Cyprus Network is organising a series of capacity building workshops for network members. The first workshop will address the issue of management of NGOs and compliance with legal and regulatory framework.

About the workshop:

Improved governance practices and management by NGOs is required by laws, funders, the public, but also by civil society itself.

The workshop will provide an overview and practical guidance and advise to NGOs on the following key issues:
- Legal and financial obligations to the government and banks;
- Managing and communicating with members;
- Management practices;
- Codes of conduct and procedures NGOs are obliged to have and/or should consider according to their needs, personal data etc.;
- How to deal with demands by authorities and banks that may exceed limits.

The workshop will be interactive as to address the needs of the participants and material, for example checklists, will be provided that can be used after the workshop.

The workshop will be facilitated by Eleni Karaoli with the assistance of Maria Tsiarta.

Registration link: 

Deadline for registrations: 4th of March