Call for participants: Networking Session for members of Luxembourg-Albania-Morocco

Call for participation

The Head of the ALF Network in  #Albania- in the framework of the Network Engagement Scheme II- in cooperation with the Head of the ALF Networks in #Luxembourg and #Morocco, are organizing an online networking session for the members of their network.

The #networkingsession will take place online, via Zoom, in December 18th, 3pm CET.

The purpose of these sessions is for the network members to explore the richness and diversity of the ALF members, with whom they can organize events/ write proposals afterwards.

After the online networking session, a call for the organization of online events will be launched to further strengthen the cooperation between members who participated in the online networking sessions.

The members themselves will organize such events in cooperation with other members from the selected networks. Typology of activities includes workshops, debates, cultural days or any other format as might be suggested by the members.

Up to 7 proposals for online activities will be supported under this call and each on the value of 500 EUR, lump sum. The formula of the awarded proposals will be one + one (North and South).

Please register for the networking session, by fulfilling the form here: no  later than December, 14th, 4pm CET.

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