Аnnual meeting of the Anna Lindh Foundation Bulgarian Network members

Annual meeting of Bulgarian Network of Anna Lindh Foundation

An annual meeting of the members of the Anna Lindh Foundation Bulgarian Network was held on 21-22 April 2023 in Sofia. The members had the opportunity to discuss the available resources for development and strategic trends with the Director of the Foundation Josep Ferre, which inspired them to undertake future initiatives. The meting also included a capacity building component. The topic of the training, which was proposed by the coordinator of the Network, Association “International Initiatives for Cooperation” (IIC), was "Basic principles of digital transformation in the NGO sector".

The 26 member organisations that were able to attend were very diverse in areas of activity and expertise, but at the same time united in their desire to learn, keep up with new trends and increase their capacity. The training was extremely useful and served to reinvigorate the Bulgarian Network of Anna Lindh Bulgaria network.

Speaker Justine Thoms, as usual so at ease, directed our attention in the right direction and helped us to select some of the basic digital tools, without which we cannot be up-to-date and attractive in our work and in visual communication with our target groups.