Youth Rights & Citizenship Initiative

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"5 Maji" District, "Doko" Complex, 2d Floor, Elbasan, Albania

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Non-Governmental Organization
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Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Environment/Sustainable development
  3. Gender
  4. Human rights
  5. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  6. International/Cultural relations
  7. Research
  8. Youth and education
General Information

Our organization is registered in the legal form of a Centre, being a rather new organization but with an extensive experience of operating as an informal group and with highly developed Human Resources. It is currently operating through its Executive Director, and three Board Members, as well as around 20 youth volunteers who engage in its day-to-day operations, while also having around 90 registered young people in its database, who become part of its activities. The funding is mainly outsourced through project applying; however, the centre aims to cover its administrative costs through course offering against a minimal fee.
The modalities of action range from trainings, workshops, service offering in career counselling and capacity building, to mobility, exchanges and projects based on the main pillars of the NGO.
We are yet establishing our pool of partners, being a rather new NGO. Nevertheless, we have already established cooperation partnerships with NGOs not only from WB but also in European Level (ALMA Italy, CEPER, LINIGRA Croatia, Fundacja Cooperacja, etc), while in national level we can mention Women Centre for Development and Culture Albania.

Mission and Objectives

We are aiming at enlarging and strengthening the pool of young people, who are part of our network, as well as approaching to more youngsters, not only locally but nationally and internationally, on the basis of multiculturalism, experience sharing, peacebuilding, and capacity raising through a special emphasis on soft skills and VET.
Our objectives also involve:
To prepare and inspire the new generation of youth on the commitment and empowerment for a sustainable future in the service of humanity through cooperation, educational and cultural exchange, advocacy and volunteering in an atmosphere of equality and shared values, cooperation and mutual understanding;
To prepare and develop youth and citizens to appreciate and acquire the values of creativity, innovation, work, service and appreciation of the environment, gender equality and a wide constellation of social, economic or cultural topics, also prioritizing the proper use of technology;
To develop cooperative partnership programs with other organizations and non-governmental organizations for the highest interest of projects, initiatives, activities and target-groups defined or inclusive.

Main Projects / Activities

Workshop "Project writing and project management for youth"
Training “Unlocking Brilliance: Empowering Youth Through Creative Thinking & Educational Games"
Yoga Days
Social Media Campaign on Women Empowerment "She Inspires"
Online business course "From Idea 2 Income"

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

As a relatively new young people's organization aspiring to become part of an ALF network in Albania, there are several ways we can add value to the network and contribute to its collective mission and objectives:

Fresh Perspective and Innovation: As a young organization, we bring a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to the network. Our youth-driven approach and creative thinking can help find new solutions to existing challenges and foster a culture of continuous improvement within the network.

Youth Empowerment and Engagement: Our organization focuses on empowering and engaging young people. We can contribute to the network's efforts to involve and mobilize youth in decision-making processes, thereby increasing youth representation and ensuring their voices are heard in key matters.

Social Media and Digital Outreach: Being part of the younger generation, we are likely to have a good grasp of social media and digital outreach strategies. We can help the network expand its online presence, reach a broader audience, and engage with stakeholders through various digital platforms.

Specialized Expertise: While we are a new organization, we might have specialized expertise or knowledge in specific areas that complement the existing skill sets within the network. This could include expertise in emerging technologies, youth mental health, social entrepreneurship, or other relevant fields.

Collaborative Projects: We are enthusiastic about collaborating with other NGOs within the network. By joining forces, we can initiate joint projects and initiatives that leverage each organization's strengths, ultimately having a more significant impact on the communities we serve.

Capacity Building and Training: As a young organization, we recognize the importance of capacity building and training for sustainable development. We can contribute to the network by offering workshops, training sessions, and skill-sharing programs for members, empowering them to improve their effectiveness and impact.

Advocacy and Awareness: Our organization is passionate about advocacy and raising awareness about critical issues affecting young people. By being part of the network, we can participate in joint advocacy campaigns, effectively amplifying our collective voices on social and policy matters.

Local Focus and Grassroots Connection: Being a relatively new organization, we might have a strong connection to local communities and understand their needs intimately. We can bring this grassroots perspective to the network, helping ensure that its initiatives are relevant and directly address the concerns of the people they aim to support.

Youth-Led Events and Activities: We can organize youth-led events and activities within the network to foster collaboration, networking, and skill-sharing opportunities. This can further enhance the network's cohesiveness and create a positive environment for its members.

Fundraising and Resource Mobilization: While being new might mean limited resources initially, we are eager to learn and contribute to fundraising and resource mobilization efforts. By pooling our collective efforts, we can strengthen the network's financial sustainability and capacity to achieve its goals.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We want to join the Anna Lindh Foundation network because its core objectives align closely with the values and mission of our young people's organization.

Empowering Young Voices: ALF emphasizes providing platforms for young people to express themselves, build more inclusive communities, and be actively involved in decision-making processes. As a youth-driven organization, we believe in the power of young voices and their role in shaping a more tolerant and diverse society. By being part of the ALF network, we can collaborate with like-minded organizations to amplify the voices of young people in Albania and advocate for their needs and aspirations.

Influencing Policymakers: ALF's efforts to introduce impactful research on international policymaking and offer a unique understanding of conflict dynamics through opinion leadership resonate with us. We recognize the importance of evidence-based advocacy and the need to inform policymakers about intercultural issues and their implications on society. By joining the network, we can contribute to research initiatives and participate in advocacy efforts to influence policies that foster intercultural dialogue, social cohesion, and youth empowerment.

Leading a Movement: As an emerging organization, we are eager to be part of a larger movement driven by the ALF network. By collaborating with other civil society organizations within the network, we can multiply our collective impact and create a stronger force for positive change. This sense of unity and solidarity is vital in addressing the growing mistrust and polarization among societies, both locally and regionally.

Building Dialogue and Exchange: ALF's focus on dialogue and exchange aligns with our organization's commitment to fostering understanding and cooperation among diverse communities. By engaging in dialogue activities facilitated by the network, we can bridge cultural gaps, break down stereotypes, and promote mutual respect and appreciation of different cultures.

Learning and Collaboration Opportunities: Being part of the ALF network provides us with valuable learning and collaboration opportunities. We can benefit from the expertise of other experienced organizations within the network, share our own insights, and collectively work towards improving our initiatives and projects. This collaborative environment can help us grow as an organization and maximize our impact.

Regional and International Reach: As a network that operates in multiple countries across the Euro-Mediterranean region, ALF offers a broad regional and international reach. By joining the network, our organization can access a wider network of stakeholders, partners, and resources. This opens doors for potential partnerships, exchanges, and cooperation that can contribute to the success of our projects.

Overall, joining the Anna Lindh Foundation network provides our young organization with a unique opportunity to be part of a larger movement that shares our commitment to intercultural dialogue, youth empowerment, and social cohesion. We believe that by collaborating with ALF and its member organizations, we can enhance our impact, learn from others, and work collectively towards building a more inclusive, tolerant, and interconnected society in Albania and beyond

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Eliona Gremi
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Executive Director
Head of the organisation
Eliona Gremi
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Dorina Zhuka
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Chair of the Board of Directors