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General Information
Yeruham is one of the first development towns in Israel. Over the years settlers came from many different countries and varied interest groups also settled in the town. Yerucham is on a stride forward with social and business initiatives.  Still the city has a 14% unemployment rate and one third of its population relies on the council's welfare services. The Yerucham council highly prioritizes projects aimed at improving the situation of these families by providing the opportunities for adults and children to get out of the vicious circle of poverty and welfare. Budgetary resources include Government funding, self income and philanthropy. The current Mayor was re-elected  for a second term in November 2014.
Mission and Objectives

The Yerucham council has set out five overriding principles to ensure the city’s continued growth and advancement: 1. Putting Education First: 2. Advancing Young Adults  3. Encouraging environmental awareness and conservation in Yeruham, also to promote tourism projects: 4. Economic Development: 5. Pushing it forward – from poverty to security: 

Main Projects / Activities

The Yeruham city council, together with Yeruham based NGO's, implements many projects promoting its above mentioned principles. 

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

 In the past decade Yeruham has picked up from being a dilapidated developement town to a town bustling with social and buisness initiatives. It is also a town coping with extremely high rates of families on welfare. Yet, coping is the word, Yeruham is inveting in this families from infants to adults, in an effort to promote their situation.
Thus, Yeruham representatives can share their knowledge and experience in all of the above mentioned aspects.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We want to join ALF because we would like to learn from others' knowledge and experiences and find suitable partners for social and biusness initiatives. 

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Merav Raz
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Resources Developement
Head of the organisation
Mayor Michael Biton
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Tal Ohana
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Deputy Mayor