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  1. Arts
  2. Democracy and community development
  3. Human rights
  4. International/Cultural relations
  5. Youth and education
General Information
"Viimane Neljapäev" ("Last Thursday" in Estonian) started on the 2013 year as an unformal and unofficial poetry / literature / open stage event. There is an unformal group of young literary activists, who contribute in the organizing of event and during the event (set-up, hosting, post-event cleaning etc.). There is no official workers. Event is taking place once a month and sometimes we have special events, which are part of a bigger festival or bookfair.  From 2015 we have also started documentary film event, what shows movies about unstereotypical and alternative Muslims, and organizing youth exchanges to promote creative writing among youth.  We are not funded by anyone and our events are without entrance fee. Participants can donate for publication of literature collections and minor investments. 
Mission and Objectives

Literature events
In the beginning of 2013 we started to organize a monthly literature event. We created an event series which has no obstacles, has no entrance fee, doesn’t follow the literary league prescriptions, is free from a specified program, and is not affiliated to a specific establishment. In addition to all this, the event takes place every month and so participants know that it is a stable event that takes place at the end of every month (as the name of the event suggests “Last Thursday“ is the actual day that the event takes place, every last Thursday of the month).
Movie events
Movie events are called "isemoodi_islam" ("self-styled islam" in Estonian) have taken place so far twice and we have showed movies called "Taqwacore" and "Wariazone". Our mission is to show movies about Muslims, who are different from mainstream muslims or mainstream image of them (LGBT, punk, anarchist, feminist etc).

Main Projects / Activities

Literature event
The event is free from all limits on creativity, language and form
All forms of creativity are welcome, poetry, short stories, plays, prefprmances etc. How the preformers wish to express them selves is up to them, we only provide the space and opertunity. As the event takes place in Estonia it is natural that most performers are Estonian, but we have tried to emphasis the importance of Russian participents and so we have tried to seek them out, as we find it important to have all sects of the society take part in this cultural development. For this reason we have also had people perform in English, Irish, German (Swiss German) and Slovenian.
The Event has no entrance fee
As our goal is not to gain revenue but to establish a free creative environment. In addition to there being no entrance fee there is no difference between performers and the public, which is something that having a ticket, or being on the „performers list“ would encourage.
The main performers are everyone who have the courage to step on the stage and perform
Our goal is to rid the world of literature of it’s devision (the „elite“ and „unpublished writers“) to integrate the different „levels“ as all have the right to perform.
The event takes place at different venues, and is not affiliated with a speciffice cultural-entertainment establishment
We bring the event where there is a suitable environment, and where we can find new listeners/performers.
In each of these events around 50 people have taken part as the public (at the summer events the number has been higher)  and 10-15 performers. We believe there are two reasons the event has been this successful: First off, many people in Tallinn are interested in these kinds of events, and they have heard of this event due to advertisment and word of mouth. We have advertised this event with posters in strategic places in the city and through social media.
In Facebook we have started a group in addition to the regular events.  (
Movie events
As I mentioned earlier, we are showing movies about Muslims, who are different from mainstream muslims or mainstream image of them (LGBT, punk, anarchist, feminist etc). Our aim is to show that Muslim community is not a homogenic community and there is and can be very different ways of living and practicing ones faith.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We can contribute by our skills in event organizing, know-how in promoting events and activities, contacts for different venues, we can borrow some technical equipment for free. We are activist by nature not by payment.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

ALF corresponds to our aims and views: open forum for different people, promoting tolerance and diversity. We would also like to get more international contacts, to bring more outside of the country performers and to great even more diverse literary events by including minority groups.

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Steven Vihalem
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Main organizer
Head of the organisation
Steven Vihalem
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Kristi Ockba
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Assistant organizer