The Valve Design Studio

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Madhar Al-Alawneh St, Tarek
Amman 11191

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Private Company
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  1. Arts
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General Information

The Valve is a specialized design studio that focuses on design for change projects. We provide versatile design services tailored to match the nature, complexities, and processes of impact organizations, businesses, and initiatives. We are a small and focused team of experienced designers who believe in the importance of empowering positive change in the world.

Mission and Objectives

Empowering the work of change-makers through design.

We believe that good design needs to be ethical, avoid manipulative practices, and help people develop better behaviors, ideas, and tools. We tend to avoid working on purely consumerist or profit-based projects.

Main Projects / Activities

We provide all kinds of design services, including:
- Branding, brand strategy, and communication strategy.
- Visual design for campaigns, print, books, and events.
- Digital products, applications, and website design and development.
- Training, mentoring, and consultations.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We are happy to offer our services to the network, both as clients and as partners and collaborators. We also engage actively in training, consulting, advising, and mentoring with our communities.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We are always seeking communities of similar values and interests to engage in. Social change is the type of work that can't be done in a vacuum, we believe the only way to create real impact is to do it collaboratively and consistently.

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Saja Othman
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Manager, Creative Director
Head of the organisation
Saja Othman
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Sewar Omari
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Art Director