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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  2. Youth and education
General Information

Shokkin Group is a youth organization composed of young people 16-30 years of age based in or connected to Estonia. The organization was founded in October 2011 in Tallinn, with the main aim of empowering young people of Estonia to live a pro-active lifestyle by providing them with opportunities to develop competencies for personal, professional and social growth. The organization’s motto is imagine, inspire, act! And it describes the whole idea of Shokkin Group in the best possible way. In the organization we hope that modern youth will imagine, be inspired and inspire others to act for a stronger society! The organization consists of 4 youth leaders and professional youth workers forming the core group of project based professionals collaborating part time; 14 Level 2 members aged 16 to 30 involved on a monthly basis as project leaders, club managers, volunteer SMM & project based staff; a Level 1 member base of 15-30 youth leaders aged 15-25.

Mission and Objectives

The mission of Shokkin Group Estonia is to empower young people from different backgrounds living in Estonia to lead a pro-active lifestyle by providing them with opportunities to develop competencies for personal, professional and social growth.

Main Projects / Activities

Since 2013 we actively work in the field of game-based learning developing educational board games, escape rooms & other concepts. We have been involved in developing various innovative educational approaches under the funding of Erasmus+, Council of Europe, KYSK, Education Department. Most note-worthy activities of Shokkin Group: “Critical Escape” – transnational youth initiative for developing educational escape games. “Breakout Box” – international strategic partnership on exploring the use of escape boxes on social topics. “Bright Colors” – international youth exchange on expression through street art in public spaces of Tallinn’s disadvantaged neighborhoods. “Get Involved” – a series of local youth leader trainings, “Jalatalla” – a program for raising social skills of youth at risk. More activity examples and yearly reports are here:

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We can provide game-based learning solutions in various projects. We can develop educational escape games, board games, facilitate game design processes, facilitate educational game sessions. As part of the network we can also deliver training session on game-based methodologies. If needed we are open to join brainstorming events, map interests and needs of young people from our community.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We are curious to explore new partnerships and local collaborations with CSOs from Estonia and abroad. We are interested in expanding our network of partners to be able to co-develop international youth events and training courses for CSOs.

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Pavel Vassiljev
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Chief of board
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Pavel Vassiljev
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Olalla Gonzalez
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Project Manager