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Tegelviksgatan 40
11641 Stockholm

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+46 (0)70 752 96 60 (Nasma)
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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Environment/Sustainable development
  3. Human rights
  4. International/Cultural relations
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  6. Youth and education
General Information

We are a non-profit peace organisation that works for the organisation and influence of young people in an equal and just society based on non-violence. We do this by making visible and challenging the expressions of violence that counteract the society we strive for. We give the tools and platform to do something concrete with the commitment to a more peaceful world. Membership is free.

The organisation is mainly funded by grants which the organisation applies for throughout the year. These include grants from the Swedish government, other local funds available in Sweden and the European Youth in Action programme. We are based in Sweden and in Colombia, working for youth participation for peace.

PeaceWorks Sweden works to promote peace, international solidarity and active citizenship through coordinating international voluntary service programmes through the European Solidarity Corps and supporting young people in Sweden to run their own peace projects.

Mission and Objectives

Objective: to offer international activities; organise exchange programmes; spread information and encourage discussion in national and international questions; all of which aim at increased knowledge, solidarity and understanding about social and global structures.

Vision: a sustainable world in peace, where young people are active citizens and society is characterised by peace and sustainable development, global justice and solidarity, above and beyond national, cultural, social and economic borders. PeaceWorks is a platform for young people's involvement in and commitment to peace and sustainable development.

By running projects, platforms and practical tools are created, providing the conditions for young people to participate in, creating an understanding for local and global contexts, on their own terms.

Main Projects / Activities

We provide platforms for young people engaging in projects regarding global justice, anti-racism and feminism, both nationally and internationally.

We also support youth to start their own projects, and/or associations through our workshops and materials created specifically to facilitate a simpler way to get engaged in important issues.

We hold many seminars and workshops on the topics of youth engagement, global justice, feminism and anti-racism.

Every year we give Erasmus+ projects on the topics both in Sweden and internationally.

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Nasma Salim
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Secretary General
Head of the organisation
Nasma Salim (Secretary General)
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Julia Eriksson
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International project coordinator