"Old Stanimaka photo studio" (Stanimashka fotografchiĭnitsa)

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General Information

"Old Stanimaka photo studio" (Stanimashka fotografchiĭnitsa) - we are a group of amateur photographers from the Bulgarian town of Assenovgrad. The old name of the town (until 1934) was Stanimaka. We collect old photos depicting the way of living of the people of Assenovgrad before 1950. Our NGO was created with the aim of preserving and popularizing cultural heritage and holding exhibitions, discussions, presentations, memorial signs and conceptual projects and others. The group was created in 2015 in the social network, and in 2019 it was registered as a non-profit association (NPO). Since then, we have held dozens of exhibitions, a retro festival, round tables, maintain a website and actively participate in all city cultural events. We have also opened exhibitions in Plovdiv, Kuklen and Chepelare. We participate with proposals to the city administration for the development of culture and tourism in Asenovgrad and the region. Over 6,300 of our followers on Facebook follow and support our activities, actively participate in our research, share photos and information about the past of the city and the region.

Mission and Objectives

Thus began the search and collection of old photos and documents from the cultural and historical heritage of the city. The accumulated evidence begins to be analyzed and systematized, and a large and useful archive is formed. And the group's mission is to find, preserve and popularize this heritage. Naturally, this activity implies the creation of a non-profit association for public benefit. Which is already the city's most active non-governmental organization in the fields of culture, art and history. The association has not stopped its activity despite the covid-crisis and financial problems and continues to fulfill its mission in 2023 with won national projects. Below are listed by topic and chronologically the main activities of Stanimashka Fotografchinitsa over the years. EXHIBITIONS 1. "Moments from today - memories tomorrow", vinyl / donated to MBAL Asenovgrad. 05.2015 2. "Unforgotten Asenovgrad", vinyl / donated to the Historical Museum. 09.2015 3. "Unforgotten Asenovgrad 2", vinyl/ donated to the Historical Museum. 05.2016. 4. "From Rozhen to Maritsa", vinyl/donated to the City Library. 09.2018 5. "Peter Slavov - Kera. 110 years since birth". 9.2018 6. "Places and faces through the lens of Krum Savov", vinyl. 11.2018. 7. "Nikolay Haitov. The Wildest Tale', vinyl. 09.2019 8.The Spirit of Monopoly, vinyl. 12.2019 9. "Post-card", installation / donated to Konsulato Hotel-Restaurant. 09.2020 10. "Before and now" / donated to the community center "St. Prep. Paisius of Hilendar". 09.2020 11. "Old Asenovgrad in the 20s", vinyl. 09.2020 12. "Photos keep time in images", vinyl / with Emilia Koleva. 09.2020 13. "Traditions and crafts in Stanimashko"/Donated to TA "Vezenitsa". 12.2020 14. "Stanimashki Abstraction"/Charity for restoration of the fountain. 04.2021 15. "The Secret Art in the Church of St. George" / Charity for the restoration of icons 07.2021 16. "Created in Asenovgrad in the 1930s", vinyl. 09.2021 17. "Modern Times", installation. 09.2021 18. "People and streets, a city as a city"/Charity for restoration of the fountain. 03.2022 MOVIES 1. "Inspired by Asenovgrad". 04.2017 2. "Transformations". 04.2018 3. "The Fortress". 11.2018 4. "With love for Damyan Velchev". 09.2019 5. "100 per 100 Coco". 01.2020 6. Series "Lost Asenovgrad" - 15 episodes. 2020-2021 7. "Tobacco". 09.2020 8. "The Forgotten City Maker". 05.2021 SITES 1. https://tobacco-asens-fortress.com/ 2017-2022. 2. Lantern 2018-2022 3. #YouTube Channel 2021-2022 EDITIONS Annual calendar 2020 Annual calendar 2021 RESTORATION AND HISTORICAL RECONSTRUCTION 1. "The Newspaper". 09.2020 2. "Soldier Valentine". 09.2020 3. "Defile". 09.2020 4. "Retro-review - Fashion of the 20s". 09.2020 5. Newspaper "Illustrated Week - 1928". 09.2020 6. Educational Quiz with prize books. 09.2021 7. "Phenomen Granit" officer wagon. 09.2021 8. Newspaper "Rhodope Echo - 1935". 09.2021 CONCERTS 1. Old city songs with guests from Dimitrovgrad 09.2020 2. Jazz-Standards, "JazzFree" trio. 09. 2021 3. Trio "Abel". 09.2021 PERFORMANCES with Theater Workshop for Dreams" 1. "Are you a photographer?".09 2020 2. "Prokshinitra". 09.2020 3. "Tango by the Tea". 09.2021 PRESERVATION OF THE CULTURAL AND HISTORICAL HERITAGE 1. Initiative for preservation and revival of the building complex "Monopola". 02.2017 2. Initiative to create external exhibition modules. 02.2018 3. Initiative to preserve the painting "First Emotions" by Kosta Forev in the municipal asset. 07.2018 4. Initiative to save the Karaalan school building. 08.2018 5. Unveiling of a memorial plaque to the photographer Krum Savov. 11.2018 6. Initiative to create a City Art Gallery. 12.2018 7. Proposal for the restoration of the 4 vases on the central bridge. 02.2019 8. Participation in exhibition and discussions "Dim. History of Tobacco" in Plovdiv ESC 2019. 01.2020 9. Rescue of the last Assenovgrad phaeton. 2020 10. Creation of a Digital Register of monuments, sculptures... 2021-2022. 11. Annual awards "People of Asenovgrad" 09.2021 12. Meeting - discussion with historians 09.2021 13. Initiative to create a tobacco museum. Collecting Artifacts. 10.2021 14. Initiative to save the mosaics in the building of the former DSK. 04.2022 RESEARCH in the topics: 1. Digitization of over 4000 units in 80 thematic albums with photos, documents and maps related to the past, art and culture of Asenovgrad. 2015-2021 2. Presentation of active contemporaries: Part 1 "Stone". 11.2017 3. Research of photographic and documentary archives on the topic "The Wehrmacht passes through Asenovgrad on the way to the White Sea". 01.2018 4. Investigation into the death of the Russian soldier Georgi Vasilievich Vishnyakov. 03.2108 5. "The stay of world champion Max Schmeling in Narechenski baths", 07.2018 6. "Scientific and bibliographic research on Prof. Shteryu Karaalanov", 08.2018. 7. "Genesis relationships in Upper Arbanasi and Lower Arbanasi". 08.2018 8. "90 years of the railway line Plovdiv - Krumovo - Asenovgrad". 10.2018 9. Research of the German DF archive, systematization, processing and publication of the materials from it related to Asenovgrad. 01.2019 10. Research of the relationship of Ivan Vazov and the hero of his poem "Memories from Batak" with Asenovgrad. 02.2019 11. "Created and bequeathed by municipal officials and managers". 08.2019 12. "The work of architect Boyan Chinkov in Asenovgrad". 01.2020 13. "The Stanimach correspondence of Vangel Primov" 03.2020 14. "The forgotten - architect Matei Yordanov Mateev". 07.2020 FESTIVALS "The 1920s in Stanimaka" - Three-day street retro-festival. 09.2020 "The 1930s in Asenovgrad" - Three-day street retro-festival. 09.2021 Atanas Kendev, one of the founders of the NGO "Stanimasha Fotografchinitsa", presented his book "Lost Asenovgrad", published with the help of the National Culture Fund.

Main Projects / Activities

Search and collection of old photos and documents from the cultural and historical heritage of the city. The group's mission is to find, preserve and promote this heritage.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Тhrough promotion - exhibitions, festivals, short films, exchange of information with descendants of Asenovgrad families who currently live outside the country and other.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We can be mutually beneficial - by supporting our research work, by promoting youth involvement, the intercultural and interreligious dialogue that we as an NGO try to maintain.

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Elena Dimitrova Gramatikova
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Head of the organisation
Elena Gramatikova, Atanas Kendev, Stoycho Toskov
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Atanas Kendev
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company owner