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Non-Governmental Organization
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Fields of Activity
  1. Gender
General Information

The non-profit association International Women's Network in Estonia is an organization operating in the public interest.

It is composed by 1 board member and 4 members who carry out activities under volunteer bases.
It has not operated under funding.

Modalities of action: Community building events to promote diversity / Informative and networking events to promote women empowerment and migrant experiences / Collaborations with governmental bodies and NGOs in Estonia for creation of articles to address gender issues.

The organization has worked through collaborations per event or article, but not under official projects with partners yet.

Mission and Objectives

The aim of the association is to support migrant women in their process of
adaptation and integration to Estonian society; to promote multicultural diversity and
community building in Estonia; to promote solidarity and social justice through gender
equality advocacy in Estonia and in the international community; to give voice to migrant
women experiences; to be a bridge between migrant women and Estonian social
services and associations; to work on the field of elimination of violence against women
and girls; to engage in fund-raising activities to benefit public and private causes of
women in Estonia.

Main Projects / Activities

-Community building events to promote diversity and multiculturalism (e.g. Ukrainian Cultural Days, Solidarity Fest, International Fest, LatinoFest)
- Informative events to empower women through topics of relevance (e.g. elimination of violence against women and girls, mental health, networking, migrant women experiences).
- Collaborative articles to address gender issues

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Through collaborative events that bring attention to topics of relevance such as migration, integration, diversity, gender issues.
Being a bridge for multicultural dialogue.
Participating in joint projects where migrant women's voices are given space to share experiences.
Participating in awareness and advocating campaigns.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Because we believe in the strength of Networks and team work. We support intercultural dialogues and diversity. We are active in promoting understanding within the society, and we find our areas of activity to be a match with ALF, specially within Social integration
Intercultural dialogue and Gender issues.

Contact (1) Full Name
Dalisa Elory Cisneros Campos
Job Title
Board Member and Head of Organisation
Head of the organisation
Dalisa Elory Cisneros Campos