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  1. Youth and education
General Information
Hristo Botev “ High Foreign Language School is situated in the main region city and is the leading school there. Students come to our school after passing exams in Bulgarian language and literature and mathematics after they finish their seventh grade education. In our high School they intensively study as their first foreign language English, German and French and as their second foreign language – English, German , French and Italian. In the school there are no students endangered to be socially isolated or such with special needs. The school is in a region where different ethnic groups – Bulgarians, Turks and Romanies have lived together for a very long time. Almost 35 % of our students are Turks. Our students grow up and are brought up to be tolerant and put up with the representatives of different ethnic groups very well. “Hristo Botev’’ language High School is a very prestigious school in Kardzhali region. Our students are eager and motivated to study foreign languages and to put their knowledge into practice. There are a lot of them who are interested in programmes that allow them to study abroad. It is very important to communicate in a foreign language and to be in touch with native speakers. That is why our school takes part in a lot of international projects and language competitions. Our school is a UNESCO associated member.
Mission and Objectives

"Hristo Botev" Foreign Language High School is called upon to form the personalities of watching civil and national identity and simultaneously to prepare young people for a successful career in the highly competitive environment of EU and global world.
"Hristo Botev" Foreign Language High School seeks for opportunities to extend language learning through participation in various national and European projects and programs to break the traditional model of interest in English, German, French and Italian languages and to enable students to learn about the culture of other countries. Students will be motivated to acquire European recognized certificates of proficiency in foreign languages.
Projects for non-traditional and diverse extracurricular activities will be developed to make school a desirable area for students. Contacts with businesses, companies and organizations will be established which needs an interpreter and tourist guide service, to allow students to practise foreign languages, taught in the form of summer practice in a real environment.

Main Projects / Activities

" Hristo Botev “ Foreign Language High School has been dealing successfully for years with projects in the sphere of various youth projects. In 2008 the school took an active part in the planning, preparation and realization of the project "Your life - my life - our life: similarities and differences in the life of European youths from 4 countries - Bulgaria, Germany, Lithuania and Poland.
The second big project the school took part in was "Keep the past, share it with a friend, build the future" (2008-2009). The project was funded by the European Social Fund 2007-2113, prpgramm "Human Resources and Skills Development" with the participation of the Municipality of Kardzhali.
The school has also successfully accomplished several social projects as part of the programme "Interethnical Interaction" We are especially proud with the project "Art can unite the different", which was realised Nov 2005 - July 2006.

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Yordanka Nikolova Chavdarova
Head of the organisation
Yordanka Nikolova Chavdarova
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Marina Angelova Dimova