Gradsko kazalište mladih Vitez - Youth City Theatre Vitez

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Silvija Strahimira Kranjčevića 1
72250 Vitez
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General Information

The town theater of Youth in Vitez has more than 100 members, and among them three professional actors. There are two professionaly engaged actors at the moment, and the available funds for the last year were around 50 000 euros. Next to our own there are a few sources of funding, our activities are supported by the municipality of Vitez, the Federal Ministry of Education and Science, the Minstry of Civil Affairs Bosnia and Hercegovina, Ministry of Regional Development and Eu Funds of Republic of Croatia, and the Central State office for Croats Abroad.
The main activities are directed at the production and the performing of theatrical plays, but also at the organizations of artistic camps, education and seminars. A large amount of activities are directed towards art festivals as well as co-productions and cooperations with partner organizations. Partner organizations like the Youth resource Center in Tuzla, DIS Theater Banja Luka, European home Bosnia and Hercegovina, the Youth association „Enter“ Vitez, association „Klik“ Travnik, ALF network in Bosnia and Hercegovina.

Mission and Objectives

The mission of the Town Theater of Youth in Vitez lies in improving the quality of life of the youth, active participation of young people in all aspects of cultural life and the local community, the recognitions and prioritarization of the youth as well as education and in helping them in acquiring new knowledge and skills, that is in developing creative skills.
The objectives in creating GKM Vitez (Town Theater of Youth in Vitez) are:
-the contributions of cultural education of children and young people.
-the promotion above all else of theater art, and through that impact to contribute in all aspects of audio-vizual art and art in general.
-the development of theater, film, radio, literary art.
-the organization of traditional manifestations, festivals, plays and other happenings in local and surrounding communities.
-gathering and conecting of all Bosnian and Hercegovian citizens and foreigners.
GKM Vitez (Town Theater of Youth in Vitez) is a firm beliver in international standards of respect and democracy, freedom and human rights protection, childrens and youths rights protection as well as the advancment in culture, dialogue and the exchange in ideas thrugh thetric plays and other theatric manifestations such as films, symposiums, festivals, conferences etc.
GKM Vitez (Town Theater of Youth in Vitez) also nurtures, where needed, the publishing of books within the goals and tasks of working with children and young people.

Main Projects / Activities

The main activities are directed towards the production and the realizations of theatrical plays, but also in organizing art camps, education and seminars. A large portionf of our attention goes towards the organizations of art festivals, as well as co-production and cooperation with partner organizations.
We would like to highlight the projects of theatrical festivals, production and co-production of theatrical plays that have won countless prizes, as well as conferences and educations which we organized.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

As one of the most successful amateur theaters in Bosnia and Hrecegovina, with a positive image, we will for sure contribute to the strenghtening of the ALF network in Bosnia and Hercegovina. A large amount of successfuly realized projects, and successfu partnerships with numerous partner organizations qualifies us as very perspective organizations.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

ALF Bosnia and Hercegovina is one of the most important networks in Bosnia and Hercegovina, as well as in the Mediteranian region. Just like we have actively participated in numerous projects in the past periods that were organized by ALF Bosnia and Hercegovina, as well through partnerships with numerous members of the network and accordingly to the same goals we belive ourselfs to be a part of the ALF Bosnia and Hercegovina family.

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Ivan Sajević
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Head of the organisation
Ivan Sajević
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Bruno Grebenar
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