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Public Institution
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  1. Arts
  2. Youth and education
General Information

DSCHUNGEL WIEN – Theatre for Young Audience, established in 2004 in MuseumsQuartier Wien, is a centre and platform for arts and culture, a unique example of a theatre for young audiences with a national and international reputation.

We are a public institution, certified as non-profit and supported through public funding by state and city with budgetary resources around 1,000.000€ a year. 32 staff members are employed, who work in press, production, office, meditation and audience services.

With more than 600 performances per season, DSCHUNGEL WIEN presents a diverse
range of events with a main focus on artistic quality. A big part of the program is theatre and dance mediation (Workshops, classes, long-term projects) in schools and with different groups.

Our main partners are ASSITEJ Austria, AK Wien, der Standard, Ö1 and Raiffeisen Bank. The mediation program is partners with wienXtra, VZA, PlayTogetherNow, Juvivo, integration wien, Interface, Flash Mädchencafé, oiip, etc.

Mission and Objectives

Our Mission is based on the fact, that every child has a right to participate in the arts and cultural activities and on the vision to create this reality. Dschungel Wien is an authentic platform, where young people negotiate their perspectives, interests and realities through the theatre, dance and performance. We put a spotlight on young peoples’ reflections on society, wishes, fears and visions but also their provocations and utopias in our performances for and with young audiences. In our theatre meditation program, we process a lot of non-profit projects, that focus on participation, co-creation and cultural education with different groups (refugees, people with disabilities, etc.). If a young person can’t afford attending a theatre performance or any other cultural activity in Dschungel Wien, the entry is for free.

Main Projects / Activities

Our main focus is on theatre and dance performances for young audiences from toddlers to young adults. Every season we present around 500 performances of 60 or more pieces to school classes, families, kindergarden groups, etc. Besides that, we take part or organize theatre mediation programs in schools, youth centres, kindergardens in the centre and at the periphery of the city, we organize discussions, panels, festivals with and for our young audiences. These programs consist of Workshops on different topics (gender, emancipation, diversity, resilience, democracy, etc.), poetry slams, dance battles, open spaces, long-term theatre classes theatre performances with young actors, political debate programs and long-term projects.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We as an organization have an expertise of childrens’, teenagers’ and young adults’ realities and express those on an artistic level with or for young people. Furthermore, we see our place as a platform for young communities to meet and exchange and a space, were public discourses can take place. We can offer representation, space, human resources and ideas.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We want to expand our profile and shift the focus more on children’s rights, gender equality, diversity strategies and democracy values. Therefore, we are looking for partners to cooperate on projects, workshops and discussion panels in different fields.

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Jonathan Achtsnit
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Theatre Mediation
Head of the organisation
Corinne Eckenstein & Alexandra Hutter
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Jana Püscher
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Theatre Mediation