Department of Classical Studies, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, Brno

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Czech Republic

A. Nováka 1
60200 Brno

+420 549 497 773
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+420 604 510 916
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Public Institution
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  1. Arts
  2. Research
  3. Youth and education
General Information

The history of the Department of Classical Studies dates back to the beginnings of Masaryk University in the 1920s. Apart from concentrating on the quality of the courses taught across a number of degree programmes, the Department focuses on research in a wide range of scholarly topics in the fields of Classical and Modern Philology, Medieval Studies, as well as Ancient History and Prehistoric Archaeology. Our department employs about twenty teachers and scholars, there are about 120 students here. We are part of the university, so we are financed from public funding. We take part in various research projects and organize scholarly conferences. Our key research areas are John Hus and his Latin works; Latin and Greek Defixiones, Ancient and Christian Amulets, and magic gems; direct speech in Latin, or peoples migrations. We cooperate with other Classics departments and institutes at universities or the Academy of Sciences. We take part in the ERASMUS+ programme. Apart from regular academic classes, we organize summer schools for children and teenagers, education for secondary school teachers and various other popularizing events.

Mission and Objectives

Our main concern is to find partners for student exchange and cooperation, both, scholarly (educational and research cooperation) and cultural in a broader sense. We also would like to find organizations ready to share experiences and co-organize various social events (or at least take part in them) etc.

Main Projects / Activities

Regular academic courses (B. A., M. A., PhD.), special courses in cooperation with foreign universities (coil, blended), research projects (both, long term and short term), popularizing camps and events for children, teenagers, teachers, and the public. Scholarly meetings, workshops, conferences.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We can take part in various events, we can invite the partners to take part in, or even co-organize our events. We can welcome students from other universities in exchange programmes.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We would like to establish contacts with the various organizations all over the Mediterranean to support possibilities for our students to get foreign experience, intensify our research, bring our knowledge and experience to the other organizations and vice versa learn the best from them. We would also like to get some support for our social activities so that we can raise the awareness of our Department, and especially the unique study programme encompassing literature and language studies of both Mediterranean traditions, western and eastern (Roman, Greek, and Arabic).

Contact (1) Full Name
Katarina Petrovićová
Job Title
Head of Department
Head of the organisation
Irena Radová, Faculty of Arts Dean
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Jana Mikulova
Job Title (2)
Deputy Head of Department